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We asked people to look in a mirror and describe what they saw. What they didn’t know was that there were strangers on the other side of the mirror, giving their first impressions.’

This is important to everyone. Watch this!


its said that if you saw an identical twin of yourself, you wouldn’t realize they looked just like you, due to the way you perceive yourself is so drastically different than what you actually look like.

be kinder to yourself

This too. 

Must watch. 


It made me tear up because it’s so fucking true.


It made me tear up because it’s so fucking true.


Tumblr ♥ on We Heart It.

Basically my life always.


Tumblr ♥ on We Heart It.

Basically my life always.

Literally my life right now. ._.

I love these two.

I love these two.

Hello lovies <3

Hello everyone.

I know I’m not on much anymore, but I will be back on to post periodically like I am right now. 

An update on myself:

I’m in my sorority Delta Phi Epsilon and these women have really changed my life so much. They’ve made me stronger and become more like the person I truly want to be. There’s still a bit of tweaking to be done, but I think I’m doing a hell of a lot better than I was last year.

I’ve been clean from self harm for 7 months now and this is the second longest amount of time I’ve been clean. I still get the urges when I’m stressed, but I’ve learned to cope with them and make them into something better. 

My grades are better this semester and I also got a little! In sororites, you can get a little sister to take care of and you are her big sister. Her and I are so extremely close and she’s helped me as well. I’ve also gotten closer to my big and we’ve developed a wonderful relationship. 

I’m also a pescetarian now, I have been for almost 2 months now. It’s a wonderful lifestyle change and my weight has leveled out so I’m not as paranoid anymore. And I also don’t have too many relapses anymore as well. 

I’ve met so many wonderful people, and have become more in tune with myself as a person and what I need in life. I fully understand now that I am half introverted and half extroverted, so it’s important for me to have alone time, as well as time with others; especially my friends. 

I also taught myself how to be more time oriented, and can plan things better than I did before. I know how to juggle many things at the same time instead of getting really stressed. I think I finally learned how to do this because I knew I truly wanted to get better emotionally and mentally. Stress was always the problem behind my relapses and if I was going to juggle 6 classes, my little, my sorority, my job, my other club, and making time for friends, I knew I needed to learn and learn quickly. I ended up having to drop a class because my stress started to overwhelm me a bit, so I’m only in 5 at the moment. But it was a really good decision on my behalf because I knew I wasn’t going to do well. 

Overall, I’ve been getting a lot better, and finally seeing the results I’ve always wanted to see. 

There’s an event on Wednesday that my sorority is supposed to go to, but I’ve decided it wasn’t a good idea because I knew it would cause me to have flashbacks and bad memories. It’s called “Take Back the Night.” I didn’t want to cause mental and emotional pain to myself after I’ve finally been getting better, so I decided it would be better for me to not go to this event. I understand it’s for a good cause, but I need to start paying attention to myself more and if I know I can’t handle it, I won’t push myself to do it. 

So basically, I’ve been learning different ways I can keep myself clean and how to keep myself from getting into a bad place again. I’m not going to lie, it took some time to get to the place I am now. But I’m really glad I finally got here and made the journey. 

I hope all of you see this potential in yourselves and give yourself more credit than you already do. Seriously, this is a fight for your life, and I’ve learned that. I wanted to live without my problems, and I’ve pushed myself so far to get to this place I am right now. 

I know all of you can do this. 

I believe in you <3